Thursday, December 22, 2005

Blog Round-Up: Spying on America

By Cassandra D

I just don't have words to express my sadness and alarm at the recent revelations of NSA's secret spying on U.S. citizens. There's a lot of commentary and information floating around the Web, though, so here's my blog round-up for your reading, uh, pleasure?

From the Right:
Confessions of a Repentant Republican by Dr. William Frey at Republicans for Humility.
Mark Earnest's Government Out of Control
Bruce Fein's Washington Times commentary.

From the Left:
An S.O.S. from Katherine at Obsidian Wings.
Wiretapping timeline from The Daily Background.
Daily Kos on Rockefeller and Pelosi's letters.
Hilzoy writes about the FISA Court's unhappiness.

Andrea Mitchell clearing up the misrepresentation of Clinton's record by the RNC. (click for the video)
More on this from Think Progress.
Yet more from Daily Kos.

MSNBC's story, "Spy court judge quits in protest"


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