Monday, February 06, 2006

Don't Smile! You're on Candid Camera

By Cassandra D

Having just watched Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry's State of the State address, and having seen many a State of the Union, I have to say that one of the more interesting aspects is watching what the cameramen choose to show to illustrate the pontification. Do they get the speech and then plot their moves?

Of course, they do oblige the speaker by showing the official people-props in the gallery. But then they start doing funny stuff, like showing random blacks and women to illustrate lines like "opportunity for all our citizens." Do you think black officials tire of being perennial props?

The most amusing thing, though, is that between pithy lines, the photographers seem to make a sport of seeking out everyone who is asleep or picking his nose. A typical moment from today was footage of legislators smiling over a whispered private conversation as the governor was talking about Internet sexual predators. It doesn't take much to imagine the camera crew sharing a Beevis and Butthead laugh.

It's a whole lot like conspirators at a slumber party putting the sleeping kid's hand in a bowl of warm water. Watch out! They are...


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