Friday, May 12, 2006

Snowed Under-Snow Job-Oh Snow Ya Don't!, etc.

By Larry Mondello

For someone who seems so intelligent, articulate and politically savvy, Tony Snow's brief tenure as Bush press secretary can be defined as "so far, so stupid."
He hasn't even had his first full-blown on-camera briefing and he's already boneheading it.

He's spent much of his time ranting and raving about what he considers "unfair" coverage by AP, the Washington Post, CBS News, etc. Ya know, all the left-wing, mainstream media.

Whether you agree or disagree, for Snow to start off his tenure in such a combative way is quite dangerous, when you are taking on the guys who own the ink! Of course, you challenge them to be fair and accurate, but you don't just launch grenades before you've even received your business cards. He might have some valid points, but you take those up individually and not just expect them to spit back Bush talking points in their stories. This ain't Fox News, pal.

It will only hurt him and create situations like today's first Snow gaggle with the WH Press Corps.

One more thing, here's an interesting blog read from CBS reporter Jim Axelrod on this issue.


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