Friday, July 21, 2006

Crabby Friday

By Cassandra D

Here it is, Crabby Friday, and I'm not even crabby. What gives? On just about every other day, I am crabby.

It's supposed to be 110 degrees here today. And I'm happy! I shuffled my husband's iPod, and didn't even run into obnoxious music. (Currently listening to William Shatner's "Real," which happens to amuse me and cheer me up.)

I even scanned the blogs looking for fodder for my irritation. But instead I found the happiest of reports of some asshole (I'll at least use a crabby word) outspoken terrorist-supporter who is showing his true colors and getting exactly what he deserves. He called the 9/11 hijackers "The Magnificent 19," got tossed out of Britain, was happy to be in Lebanon with fellow terrorist-lovers, and now wants to go back to Britain where it's safe.

So somebody else pick up the crabby slack today.


At 9:07 AM, Anonymous flamewhore said...

Listening to William Shatner sing anything would be amusing. It used to be that everyone had a book now everyone's got an album.

At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Athena said...

Well I posted a bunch of crabby stuff but it didn't take. Stupid Blogger.


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