Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The F Words

By Larry Mondello

I don't know how it is where you are, but from my perch in America's heartland, I now know that to be elected to anything you must support freedom, family and faith. I always have admired politicians who take courageous stands, no matter what the consequences. For a candidate to go out on a limb and admit he stands for freedom or loves his family, now that's courage! You can almost hear it from his consultant-led lips: "My flag is redder, whiter and bluer than my opponent's" or "I love Jesus more than she does!" Jesus could not be reached for comment.

My opinion is: you friggin' better be for freedom, or you shouldn't be running for anything. And if you have a family, you better support them! As for faith, I think that's a personal issue and doesn't belong in a campaign. Don't tell me what you do on Wednesday nights or Sunday mornings and I won't tell you what I do.

Candidates, if you are really for freedom, free yourself from the cliches and consultants and tell us who you really are and what you will do.

I'm Larry Mondello and I approved this message.


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