Friday, July 28, 2006

Question For Crabby Friday

By Cassandra D

I have recently gotten over my addiction to Reese's Puffs, which followed closely on the heels of my addiction to Reduced Sugar Cocoa Puffs. I now go for the pleasures of a breakfast sandwich made with my fancy shmancy egg and muffin toaster.

But the question remains: When did cereal makers stop putting toys in the cereal? Were they afraid of being sued if someone choked? Was I just not into the right kind?

Never in my year-long sugary cereal craze did I ever get a toy, cool or otherwise, from a box of cereal. How are they to generate product loyalty without the toys? Why else would children ever bother pestering their parents for Quisp?


At 4:30 PM, Anonymous flamewhore said...

I always have a huge let down when I get Cracker Jacks and all that's in the box is a lousy faux Sailor tattoo.

At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Red Dirt said...

Mmmmmm ... Cocoa Puffs!

Seriously I think one of the pleasures of adulthood is getting to indulge in every forbidden sugary cereal my Mom refused to buy when I was a kid. Alpha Bits, Count Chocula, Captain Crunch, Corn Pops, Sugar Smacks (now called in our PC-marketing era "Honey" Smacks).

It was always wheat germ and organic yogurt for breakfast in the 70s Red Dirt household, folks. Now, every morning is a new palate of sugar high and delightful artificial ingredients just waiting to unfold!


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