Monday, August 07, 2006

Be Anything...You Can Be, Just Don't Be Gay

By Cassandra D

So the military is taking the mentally challenged, taking white supremacists, taking people with criminal records, raising the age allowed for enlistees, and making boot camp easy, all to fill the ranks for our multiple wars.

And yet they are getting rid of honorably serving, highly skilled, Arabic-speaking personnel because they are gay? (video here)

That's screwed up priorities for you.


At 10:17 AM, Blogger LiteraryTech said...

Perhaps more significant than the fact that the military is discharging gay and lesbian citizens, is the fact that the military is failing to follow the law. Being informed is not the same thing as the subject "telling." And failing to ask the direct question, but asking a thousand related questions, is not even close to the intent of the law.

If you didn't know before the anonymous and cowardly email, then you didn't know. Following up on the anonymous email is simply revealing the vicious bigotry of the officers in charge. The argument against gay and lesbian service for their country is that it undermines the morale of the delicate, easily un-manned straight personnel. So if you don't tell, and they don't ask, we can all move forward. Theoretically. In practice, it provides cover for the actions of the bigoted.

This action by the bigoted is actually a threat to national security. It is probable that the anonymous email came from someone who does not have the interests of the country in mind. It is possible that the individual who sent the email researched this and is looking for targets to out.

Outing military service personnel could become quite a weapon against the US military. You will then be left with an army of the mentally challenged, white supremacists, criminals, older men, and the weak.


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