Sunday, August 20, 2006

My God.

By Cassandra D

It is rare these days for me to see a story that makes my jaw drop in disbelief. There has been bad news upon bad news upon more bad news. But just when I think I've become numb, here comes another kick in the teeth.

From the AP, via Crooks and Liars:

"More than 100 young women who expressed interest in joining the military in the past year were preyed upon sexually by their recruiters. Women were raped on recruiting office couches, assaulted in government cars and groped en route to entrance exams."

What the hell is going on in our country?


At 11:19 AM, Anonymous flamewhore said...

I wonder if it the government's way to keep women out of the military.

At 12:15 AM, Anonymous Daphne said...

Anywhere in society, women have been victimized. Sometimes, I believe that some women ask for it by the way they talk, move, dress and by the choices of men they make. As a woman myself, I understand that some women feel that this is the only way to get respect.


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