Saturday, August 05, 2006

School Board Boobs

By Larry Mondello

Texas school district on the warparth against cleavage

I sure hope they spend as much time discussing and are as concerned about other things, like quality of teachers, books, buildings, etc. Give it a rest with the morality police actions, please.

Where I went to school, St. Hugh Beaumont Catholic High, cleavage wasn't much of a problem. No school board to waste time discussing, studying, voting.

It was just Sister Demetrius with her rubber-tipped pointer! She got the job done.


At 12:25 AM, Anonymous flamewhore said...

I'll bet all those old men like sitting around talking about how highschool girls need to contain their cleavage.

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Conrad Spencer said...

“It's gotten bad enough that, unfortunately, our young males are looking at more than their English book..." As if high schools boys ogling high school girls is a recent development. Not only is the policy silly, I wonder if it couldn't be construed as being discriminatory against the bustier students.


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