Monday, August 28, 2006

Secret Senator

By Cassandra D

Did you know that U.S. senators can put a "secret hold" on legislation to block it from coming to the Senate floor?

Some anonymous (and seemingly quite nefarious) Senator has done just that, in blocking legislation proposed by Oklahoma's own half-crazy, half-great Sen. Tom Coburn and by Illinois Sen. Barak Obama, that would shed light on the federal government's $2.5 trillion annual contracting business.

There is a move afoot to find the culprit. I'm betting the senator in question has an "R" behind his or her name. Just guessing.


At 8:50 PM, Blogger CGHill said...

Could be. (Of the R's, I think Trent Lott would be the most likely suspect; in the event that it's a D, I'm going with Robert "Kleagle" Byrd; but for now I'm leaning toward Lott.)


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