Thursday, September 07, 2006

"900 Screeners" and Not One to Pres. Clinton

By Cassandra D

If you are not a blog junkie, you might be missing a very important story. ABC/Disney is about to air a two-part docudrama called, "The Path to 9/11" that contains blatantly false material, such as that Pres. Clinton's National Security Advisor Sandy Berger refused to give the order to kill Osama Bin Laden, even when we had him in our sights. That never happened, and many other inaccuracies have been documented.

Advance copies (screeners) have been given to right-wing bloggers but not to any liberal bloggers or even to Pres. Clinton, Madeleine Albright, or Sandy Berger, even though they specifically requested them. Emails from Disney/ABC insiders to Hugh Hewitt have confirmed that blaming Pres. Clinton for 9/11 is "the DNA" of the project. Scholastic has teamed up with ABC/Disney to provide the docudrama and "teaching materials" to students around the country.

The outrage is boiling, but will it be enough? There is still time for you to make your voice heard.


Here's the letter Pres. Clinton's lawyer wrote to ABC.


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