Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Heidi Ho

By Cassandra D

I have long been a poo-pooer of reality shows. "Survivor?" Didn't see it. "Big Brother?" Nope. Not that either. I did watch an episode of PBS's "Frontier House," but that was about it, and I'm not sure that anything from PBS really counts.

So what could get me to spend two hours this evening watching reality TV? "Project Runway." I admit it; I'm hooked. It helped that I had a local boy to root for (had being the operative word).

One thing I've noticed: For such a mean and bitchy critic of other people's fashion sense, our host Heidi Klum sure wears some ugly clothes. Her jacket today looked 2 sizes too small, and it pulled in weird ways so that she looked, ridiculously enough, fat. [This isn't the outfit but it's the ugliest thing I could find her wearing in my brief search of the web. She does, it appears, have photographers with better fashion sense...]

If Heidi weren't such a bi-atch with an "auf" you attitude, I'd say she deserved immunity. Doesn't everyone expect the nasty fashion judge to "win" every time she dresses up for a show? Perhaps she should show up to the runway wearing a sheet and leave it at that. Better yet, maybe all the judges should be wearing these:


At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Dr. Pants said...

Ever since I was forced to sit down with the first season of the show on DVD, I've been hooked.

I thought I'd just finish that first series and be done, but, uh -- it's like TV crack.

So, any idea on who you think will make the final three?

At 11:20 AM, Anonymous turtle said...

I too have noticed that people in high places in the fashion world often have questionable fashion sense. The gay fashion editor of the Tulsa World showed up at my friend's house warming party in a Bert & Ernie t-shirt that was 2 sizes too small, ripped jeans and flip-flops.

I've also noticed that world-famous hair-stylists-of-the-stars often have uninspired or just plain ugly styles on their own heads.

I't's the architect-with-the-ugliest-house-on-the-block syndrome. But at least with an architect's house there's usually something uniquely functional or quasi-artistic about their self-styled dwellings. I'm guessing that's what the fashion/stylist gurus are thinking to themselves when they sport something hidious. I have no idea where this is going, but Fronier House was fascinating!

At 4:15 PM, Blogger Cassandra D said...

I'm betting on Michael, Jeffrey, and Laura. How 'bout you, Pants?
And by the way, I think this addiction sprang from yours. Thanks, buddy.

At 4:19 PM, Blogger Chase McInerney said...

Now, now, Cassandra... we're only down to four NOW. It doesn't take a genius to figure out they're gonna kick the Scandinavian chick to the curb. Once the judges make fun of your accent -- as they did last night -- you're pretty much toast.

A friend tells me a bit of disappointing news about "Project Runway" ... apparently the fine print in the final credits makes it clear that the show's producers "also contribute" to the judges' determination of who stays and goes.

That really cheeses me off, big time. I think that might explain why someone like Jeffrey, who is obviously the villain of the program, manages to stay on week after week.


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