Friday, September 15, 2006

Why I Love Blogging

By Cassandra D

Sure, I know our society is supposedly more fragmented than ever. But I love the democratic spirit and the personal empowerment that are part and parcel of blogging.

As examples I give you a fun site for everything "Project Runway." It's what silly, participatory pop culture is all about.

And I give you this report, from the gals at firedoglake, who were invited to meet with former President Clinton. How else but via blogging could some random geeks with a passion for politics begin to have an actual impact on the path our nation takes?

George Clooney is doing his level best to help the people in Darfur, and I'm glad he is. More power to him. But isn't it nice you don't have to have his fame or order that your voice be heard? Or at least have the not-so-crazy hope that your voice will be heard?


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