Friday, September 29, 2006

Why Vote for Democrats?

By Cassandra D

Why should we vote for Democrats to take control of the House and/or Senate, even though they are a sorry lot?

Glenn Greenwald makes the case well. Here is an excerpt:

"But a desire to see the Democrats take over Congress -- even a strong desire for that outcome and willingness to work for it -- does not have to be, and at least for me is not, driven by a belief that Washington Democrats are commendable or praiseworthy and deserve to be put into power. Instead, a Democratic victory is an instrument -- an indispensable weapon -- in battling the growing excesses and profound abuses and indescribably destructive behavior of the Bush administration and their increasingly authoritarian followers. A Democratic victory does not have to be seen as being anything more than that in order to realize how critically important it is."

And if you want to read intelligent, educated, articulate posts about the issues we face, I highly recommend reading Greenwald's blog, Unclaimed Territory, on a regular basis.


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