Monday, October 09, 2006

History Will Say He Was a Hero

By Cassandra D

But for now, the Navy is kicking him out.

"Navy Lt. Commander Charles Swift, military attorney for Salim Hamdan (e.g., the plaintiff in the landmark case of Hamdan v. Rumsfeld), is out of the Navy (involuntarily) after being denied a promotion to full Commander. The Navy has an "up-or-out" system whereby persons not promoted to Commander are then retired from the Navy. Swift received word he would not be promoted two weeks after defeating the Bush administration in front of the Supreme Court as to the subject of whether the President could unilaterally deprive Hamdan and other detainees of due process rights and the right to a trial in front of a regularly constituted courts (rather than the mutant abominations of justice we call military tribunals).


"It's also worth noting that this sordid episode obliterates any claim towards the independence of the "military tribunals" that Bush wants to be the ultimate arbiters of guilt and innocent for detainees. Swift did his job as a defense attorney for the military. And he was kicked out. I'm quite confident all the other JAGs and military personnel who would be assigned to defend alleged terrorists have got the message loud and clear."

Perhaps this isn't as nefarious as it seems. Perhaps there were legitimate reasons for Swift's being denied promotion. But it sure looks like retribution.

(via Moderate Voice)


At 3:57 PM, Blogger John deVille said...

Swift's a former classmate of mine - here's my tribute to him:


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