Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Image of the Day

By Cassandra D

Yikes. This poster is almost too disturbing and too partisan to post. But I posted it anyway. Over the line? Appropriate reminder? Is Atrios right when he says, "Remember people, only shrillness can save America, so support shrillness in all of its forms whenever you have a chance"?

Isn't it strange that Katrina is such a forgotten disaster? Too much else going on, I suppose.

(via Thank you, Keith Olbermann)


At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Brett said...

The poster is repulsive, but confuses me even more than it offends.

Will liberalism prevent hurricanes? If I vote only for my fellow Democrats and no one else, will natural disasters cease? If we throw out the limited government folks, will time magically run backwards to the decisions made in the 1960s to create levees that would withstand only a Category Three storm and reverse them? Would the change somehow make the Corps of Engineers decide prior to 2000 -- before the current administration took office -- to study and repair the levees? Can it somehow link the compassionate conservative idea of Marvin Olasky with Mr. Norquist, someone who's never advocated that ideal and whose vision of conservatism is purely economic and more libertarian than anything else?

And my answer to the question you pose is that Mr. Atrios is indeed wrong. I for one tune out shrillness and loudness. Someone who speaks quietly and reasonably will almost always have my attention; someone who speaks shrilly and loudly will almost always have my farewell.

At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Good RedDirt said...

Down with Chimpy McHitler!


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