Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sullivan on Iraq

By Cassandra D

Another quote from Andrew Sullivan:

"All of this [bad news from Iraq] forces us to making the toughest decision yet. The status quo is unacceptable. We must either ratchet up our effort or cut our losses. If I had confidence in the leadership, I'd back the former. Under Rumsfeld, I have zero confidence in any effort to stabilize Iraq. But we know this president is simply immune to pressure unless forced. So vote Democrat. Give them partial responsibility for the war effort - before a presidential election. And force Bush finally to take some responsibility for the chaos he has helped create."

This is from the guy who is thinking of becoming a "Goldwater Democrat." I think perhaps I'm one of those, too.


At 3:51 PM, Blogger Cassandra D said...

Hello to those of you who are here from Firedoglake.

If you read any of my other posts on this blog you will realize that I detest the Bush administration.

But I have to say that I like Andrew Sullivan.

He is a champion in the battle against torture. He admits that he supported going to war, but he also says that its prosecution has been a disaster. He says that if he had known how bad things would be now, he wouldn't have supported the war. He is considering leaving the Republican party.

One thing I have hated about Bush supporters, particularly during the 2004 election, was their argument that people are "flip-floppers" if they change their position. Rigidity and "staying the course" were their idea of good policy. We all know that that is ridiculous and leads to the kind of mess we are in now.

So why can't we allow Andrew Sullivan to change his mind?

I didn't read his blog regularly until several months ago, and I don't see him very often on TV. But I respect him for what he writes in his blog.

Where are the other conservative critics of torture? Why can't we admit that Sullivan is on our side on this? Why must we demonize a guy if he doesn't agree with everything we believe? Are progressives that insecure?

Why can't we forgive him for having disagreed with us? Why can't we treat him with respect?Why can't we work with someone who, perhaps belatedly, shares most of our beliefs?

I don't think that TRex's partisan attack on a repentant Republican is helpful to our cause right now.

But I appreciate the link!


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