Sunday, October 01, 2006

Talkin' About Revolution?

By Cassandra D

Food for thought.

First this:
"The fight this past week over torture, in contrast with the GOP's Predator Coverup, shows two different values systems at war with each other for the soul and the future of the country. The Grand Old Pervert party stands for shameless corruption, profiteering and the domestic police state, among other things. Not only can you not trust Republicans with your government (Katrina), your military (Iraq) or your money (Abramoff, Iraq, the deficit, the economy, etc.), you apparently can't trust Republicans with your kids (Predator Coverup)."

Then this:
"Everything is so bad (on every conceivable front) that simply voting Democratic is revolutionary. After all, what is a revolution. It is when the people of a particular polity, acting together, overthrow the existing order."

I'm ready for that kind of revolution. How about you? I'm just glad that all we have to do is vote. I've always thought of voting as a duty, but never before have I realized that informed voting is also truly an act of patriotism.


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