Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Prophets of Doom and Gloom

By Cassandra D

From the Rude Pundit:

"Shit, if Karl Rove's got any mojo left at all, the easiest thing would be not to hack a ton of machines to make the numbers go Busherific. No, no, the easy way would be to hack one machine, in, say, Virginia and make it jack up the Democratic votes as a way of discrediting and de-legitimizing the entire process around the country. Then, oh, how the cries will go out about black box voting and paper trails and, hey, Chief Justice Roberts, shouldn't we just shitcan the whole damn thing? There would be a manufactured uproar among conservatives not unlike the mad braying of charging hippos."

And if the Democrats do in fact win, Kathleen Reardon predicts a trap they must carefully avoid:

"When someone with an ounce of cleverness makes a terrible mess of things, they wisely welcome those with new power and invite their suggestions. These anxious-to-have a-say, often naïve, elated and optimistic, novice players usually fall into a trap. They provide options for recovery. The other side, knowing how deep a mess they're in, offers to implement these plans. The CATCH - they do so feebly and the result is failure. They get to say, 'That's what they wanted us to do and we did it. We cooperated and their plan failed.'

"I'm not suggesting that George Bush fix everything he has been unable to fix so far. I am, however, sharing a political quagmire potential for 2008 that the Democrats should carefully avoid. When you did not create a mess, you should do all you can to assure that those who did are visibly involved in the clean up -- reminding people of its creators. In fact, they, with the power and wisdom of their office, should be pushed to take the lead. Otherwise they'll surely trip you up all along the line. And guess who'll be pointing fingers and saying, 'We told you they couldn't do it'? It's a handy trap but one easily avoided with some foresight and savvy political thinking."


At 9:00 AM, Anonymous Brett said...

I agree with Michael Kinsley (http://www.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/
0,,1941020,00.html); I don't think my party has a single coherent, real-world idea beyond "We're not George W. Bush." That won't solve any problems, whether they're sabotaged in their efforts or not, and I don't think it will win many elections in 2008.

My instinct is that Connecticut offers us a speeded-up version of the next two years. Democrats were able to capitalize on frustration in Iraq and pin it to those who are most closely identified with the war and its conduct or misconduct. It won Ned Lamont a primary, but Mr. Lamont kept demonstrating that he had no concrete platform beyond being agin' whatever W was for. That may energize the base, but selling the broader population takes ideas, and he didn't have any. The Democrats who survive the 2008 cycle will have shown they have ideas -- and judging by the House Democrat manifesto Kinsely quotes, they'll have to come up with them on their own.

I think that by the time the presidential election cycle starts up seriously, in the fall and winter of 2007, people will start asking my party why everything's not different and perfect like they said it would be, and we'd better have a more solid answer than, "Well, W got in our way."


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