Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Was It Just Me?

By Cassandra D

Did anyone else think that Bush was, um, you know, likeable in today's news conference? It seemed to me that the evil, propaganda-spewing robot had been replaced with that "uniter" we all thought we once knew. Even though I am wary, I must say that it feels nice to have the good clone back.

I did find sardonic humor in his assurances to the terrorists that the Democrats oppose them as much as do the Republicans, to the troops that the Democrats support them as much as do the Republicans, and to the Iraqi people that the Democrats are behind them as much as are the Republicans.

He would have done a great service to this country if he had acknowledged those things just a bit earlier. But better now than never.


At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Louis Rukeyser Soze said...

I don't know if "likeable" is the correct descriptor. I think "less like a douche" might do the trick.


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