Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Please Let Him Be OK

By Cassandra D

Breaking news is that Sen. Tim Johnson, D-South Dakota, is in the hospital for evaluation of stroke-like symptoms.

Those symptoms are always frightening. But here's the scariest part:

"Should Johnson not be able to complete his term, which ends in 2008, South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds, a Republican, could appoint his replacement, which could shift the balance of power in the Senate."

Don't you just bet there are a few evangelicals out there praying for his demise?

In the past week I've seen Why We Fight, Who Killed the Electric Car?, and Shut Up And Sing. With each one I have felt so thankful that the Democrats are back in control of Congress. I, for one, am praying that that doesn't change.

Get well soon, Sen. Johnson!


At 5:41 PM, Anonymous Brett said...

That you would reduce the "scariest part" of being upset over a human being's illness to its impact on the US Senate; that you would assume that an idiot like Pat Robertson represents any viewpoint properly deemed "evangelical;" that you would equate Mr. Robertson's idiotic attempts at realpolitik with prayer; that you would assume a difference in politics would prompt any but a deluded minority of people of faith to so sully that faith by praying for a serious illness in one which that very faith demands they call a child of God...
You may refer to Army Counsel Joseph Welch's response to Sen. Joseph McCarthy and adjust accordingly for gender.

At 7:51 AM, Anonymous Cassandra D said...

Gee, Brett, what about the troops who are dying in Iraq every day, supposedly for the benefit of our country? How about all the soldiers who are brain damaged? How dare anybody say that it is okay to accept their deaths and their disabilities because of the political ramifications, and not agree that another servant of the country is just as important. If my life or death held the future of our country in the balance and I had any say over it, I would give my life for my country and my child's future.

The prospect of Sen. Inhofe continuing to control the committee on the environment is truly terrifying. The control of the Senate does indeed matter on this and many other issues.

And I didn't say that all evangelicals would pray for his demise, but SOME no doubt will. And it would do our world a great service if everyone else of faith spoke out loudly against their hate-filled messages, on a large number of issues. I am a Christian and I am appalled that so many have done their best to turn that into a word that connotes hatred and intolerance.

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Dr. Pants said...

I do feel bad that my interest in the survival of Mr. Johnson is based mostly on my hope that the Democrats retain the majority in the Senate.

But, you know, I also felt bad when the country was circling the drain while the Moron-in-Chief kept his hand on the flusher, giggling and pushing it over and over again while people I deem rational and caring could do naught but watch and weep and hope that things would get better before they got too much worse.

So, yeah -- I hope Sen. Johnson stays alive. I hope that not only for his family and loved ones, but also for the role he plays in keeping our country from plunging ever deeper into the Pit of Eternal Darkness.

Now, Manservant Hecubus!

At 6:59 PM, Blogger BlueDreamer said...

You go Casandra! Finally a Christian who is tired of other moderate Christians and their complicit silence! When will this, dare I say, "silent majority' start speaking up for Christian values? What does it mean to be a Christian these days anyways? If I were making the list, intolerance would be number one. How sad is that?

At 8:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, it's abundantly clear that the "few evangelicals" comment was meant to bait, and it worked. How gratifying that must be. I mean, more than a few leftists have called for the fragging of our troops, so I guess we can malign anyone left of center with that position? I think there's a word for the protestations of "little old innocent me, didn't mean to offend, I was ever so careful to say SOME" -- I think the term is probably intellectual dishonesty or something like that, but I can't think of it at the moment.

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Cassandra D said...

Oh puh-LEASE Red Dirt, I said "a few" and linked to the nutjob in question. You misread me, on purpose, I think. Talk about intellectual dishonesty! Furthermore, you and I are friends and you don't need to cloak your rebuke in anonymity.

My Pat Robertson comment was not meant to be bait, just a sad commentary on the state of affairs of vocal chunk of public religion today.

Perhaps I should have said, "Don't you just bet that there are a few nutjobs who claim to be on God's side who are out there praying for his demise?" That is what I meant. No intention to slam Christianity, or evangelical Christians in general.

Clearly both you and Brett took me to mean it that way, and for that I am sorry. It would be helpful if nobody referred to Pat Robertson as an evangelical or a Christian any more--just as a lunatic who claims to be religiously based.

If you want to say, "No doubt a few leftists are happy with some horrible thing like Abu Ghraib or Haditha," and you can put in a link to people who indeed think that way, go for it. I would have no problem with that.

I think wackos on all sides are worthy of public ridicule.

And one more thing, for what it is worth. At the time that I wrote my post the only information I had was that Sen. Johnson had had a transient difficulty in speaking, recovered, walked back to his office, and then was transported to the hospital for further evaluation of stroke-like symptoms. I thought he had had a TIA and didn't realize it was as serious as it has turned out to be.

I might not quite as flippant as I was had I known. My heightened concern for his well-being as an individual does not, however, diminish my concern for the future of our country.

At 9:46 AM, Blogger Conrad Spencer said...

I don't know who on the left has called for the fragging of our troops; the leftists I know do not wish any troops any harm, hence their opposition to the war in general. Those crazy Fred Phelps folks come to mind, but they could hardly be considered leftists. If anyone, on the left or right, has suggested it'd be a good things for our troops to be injured or killed, then hell yes they should be maligned.

Some evangelicals are great people, but there are the Pat Robertsons of the world who have called for assassination for political gain, or blamed gays and feminists for bringing God's wrath on America in the guise of terrorist attacks. The fact that Pat Robertson is still on the air, that his ministry isn't bankrupt, shows there are a few out there who agree with him. Given the crazy shit he’s said in the past, is it so inconceivable he would read God’s divine intervention into Sen. Johnson’s stroke?

I can’t criticize Mr. Robertson for what he hasn’t said, but comments he’s made in the past can illustrate that the mindset Cassandra refers to does indeed exist. If moderate evangelicals don’t like having Pat Robertson and James Dobson as spokesmen, they need to speak up.

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous turtle said...

You want a quote from someone who has "called for the fragging of our troops?" How about, "Bring 'em on!"

Yee-haw! is not a foriegn policy, indeed.


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