Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Everybody's Doin' It

By Larry Mondello

Hearing Steve Jobs talk about the Iphone is one thing, hearing the latest from my gas company is quite another. As I sat on hold with Oklahoma Natural Gas Company's "customer service" line today, a recorded gentleman told me of the great news from ONG, they now offer a podcast! I can download an mp3 that gives me all I want to know about the company and its latest news. WTF? What on earth could I care about hearing from the gas company except how much is my bill this month?? Seems too many folks think the podcast thing is cool and innovative. For the most part, it's not.

I held for 20 minutes, just to find out my account #, which they recently changed without telling me.

Hate to go all Andy Rooney on ya, but it pissed me off.


At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Chase said...

I've heard the gas company's podcast. Seriously, Larry, it's the best of any utilities podcast I've heard to date.

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous D'Angelo Barksdale said...

True dat.


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