Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Note To "Crunchy Cons": Slap Down Those Rotten Republicans

By Cassandra D

You know, the radical Republicans and right wing media (= mainstream media, thank you very much) make me really sick.

Here they go with a smear of Al Gore.

What kind of freaks choke down such bilious spewage? What do they have against planet Earth? Do you think we could persuade them to leave?


At 8:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is RedDirt, by the way, but I couldn't log in as such for some reason on blogger.

Anyway, I don't know about your reaction, Cassandra. Maybe a bit much? Back away from the sewage pipe and calm down.

First of all, I'm one of those crunchy cons, and I think it really does matter if an advocate walks the talk -- Ed Begley, for instance, really does practice what he preaches.

Plus, Begley really doesn't preach, anyone seen "Living with Ed" on HGTV?

The guy is mild-mannered, easy-going and authentic. He collects his rainwater, grows a lot of his own food, his house is stuffed to the gills with CFL's, he composts, he recycles practically everything, cooks with a solar oven, drives an EV, sells a line of organic cleaners for charity, bikes and walks whenever possible, powers his house with solar panels and even makes his morning toast by revving up the toaster with a 10-minute stationary bicycle ride (no kidding).

When Begley talks, I really listen because he's not in your face, and what he says is often just basic common sense.

I appreciated "An Inconvenient Truth," and I know Gore buys carbon offsets, and that's great -- but there's a stark difference between Begley and Al Gore.

Both are environmental advocates, both are public figures, but one really does try a little harder to integrate his green politics with his personal lifestyle.

This Tennessee group that went after Gore is like anything else in politics -- groups on the right and the left will go after individual politicians all the time if there's any whiff of hypocrisy.

At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Brett said...

Got no problem with planet Earth, but Al's got a long history of hypocrisy. In his 1996 convention speech, he mentioned the 1984 lung cancer death of his sister as the reason he would "until (his) last breath pour (his) heart and soul into the cause of protecting our children from smoking." But barely four years after her death, in his 1988 campaign, he spoke to an appreciative audience in North Carolina of having spent most of his life raising and selling tobacco. And in 1990, he was still taking tobacco industry money in his Senate campaigns.

Mr. Gore gets kudos from me (and I'm sure he will sleep better for it) for deciding that, even though he opposed the Vietnam War, it would be wrong to duck military service. But since then, he's had a number of dual-speak
occasions that seem to show some of his convictions are strengthened by convenience.

This latest report seems to be at best exaggerated, if not erroneous, but Mr. Gore has sewn the seeds to make it sound more believable, and that's his own fault no matter what planet he lives on.

At 6:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...













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