Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Odds and Ends

By Conrad Spencer

According to 3rd century scholar St. Hippolytus, Christ was born on a Wednesday.

Jesus shares a birthday with, among others, professional slacker and singer Jimmy Buffett, Eurythmics half Annie Lennox, and Republican guru Karl Rove.

The average American consumer will spend $738 on Christmas this year. That includes presents, decorations, cards, and food and candy. This Christmas season I've spent nearly this much on booze alone.

One hectare of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen for 45 people. Then, after 10 years, we cut them down.

Old School Commercialism: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was invented as a Christmas gimmick for Montgomery Wards in 1939. Wards shuttered all their stores in early 2001, but Rudolph endures in song and campy animation to this day.

The Culture Wars: 17th Century: Oliver Cromwell abolished the official celebration of Christmas in England from 1647 to 1660. The Pilgrams in New England forbade Christmas celebrations from 1659 until 1681.

Have a great Christmas!


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