Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Doctor Tom Strikes Again

Oklahoma's newest addition to the U.S. Senate, Tom Coburn, is at it again. A headline in the Journal Record, an Oklahoma City-based business newspaper, says it all:

Coburn: U.S. should apologize to Enron

Janice Francis-Smith reports that Coburn told an Oklahoma City Rotary Club yesterday that the U.S. government "owes Enron executives an apology" because "the accounting of the federal government is worse than anything Enron ever did."

That's right, Uncle Sam's accounting practices are worse than what is perhaps the most egregious corporate fraud of recent times, an orgy of greed and deceit that helped concoct a phony California energy crisis and evaporated the pensions of hundreds of thousands of employees. Someone get Doc Tom to a movie theater, stat, to see the excellent documentary, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, so that he can get a little better fix on reality.

Wait a minute. What am I talking about? Coburn and a better fix on reality?

A better fix on reality from the guy who bemoaned "rampant" lesbianism in southeastern Oklahoma?

Who asserted that America must "stand for or against Christ"?

Who called homosexuality "the greatest threat" to freedom in our country (al Qaeda: Friends of Dorothy)?

Who said he had evidence that the Terri Schiavo autopsy was flat-out wrong?

Who railed against TV for the "all-time low" of showing the "full-frontal nudity" of Schindler's List?

Who suggested that doctors who perform abortions should be put to death?

Who contended fake tits are healthier than those of the non-fake persuasion?

With Tom Coburn, the hits just keep a-comin'.


At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Brett said...

Now Chase, be sure to give Sen. Coburn the credit he's due.

He is the man who, single-handedly, made Jim Inhofe the smartest senator from Oklahoma. Few people thought that was possible, but Tom's a never-say-die kind of guy.


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