Tuesday, December 20, 2005


A team of British academics have recently concluded a study that discovered -- brace yourselves -- millions of little girls actually torture and mutilate their Barbie dolls.

AP details how researchers at the University of Bath quizzed 100 children about their views of Barbie and a slew of other toys.

"They found Barbie provoked the strongest reaction, with youngsters reporting 'rejection, hatred and violence,' [researcher Agnes] Nairn said.

"'The meaning of "Barbie" went beyond an expressed antipathy; actual physical violence and torture towards the doll was repeatedly reported, quite gleefully, across age, school and gender,' she said."

Oh, well. Girls will be girls. Besides, ripping the legs off a blue-eyed temptress is a small price to pay for ensuring freedom.


At 2:53 PM, Blogger Cassandra D said...

Hm. I didn't know I was so typical, and it had never crossed my mind to feel sorry for my Barbies.

There was never anything cuddly or cute about Barbies, and it was just plain interesting to rip off her head and put it back on again. Sort of like it was interesting to see if the head could turn around backwards.

I don't think I ever identified Barbie as a human; more a department store model for the itty bitty clothes she had, and a place-holding occupant for that ultra-cool airplane.

My stuffed animals and a few baby dolls earned my genuine affection and protection, which (given my nostaligic, clutter-prone self) persists to this day. I have a cedar chest with old toys in it, and because of egalitarianism but not true affection, the Barbies are in there too. (They are actually there out of loyalty to my grandmother, who made tiny outfits for them.)

The true test will come in a few years when I see if my daughter likes any of them. Will Barbie lose her head again?


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