Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Random 10

For no particular reason, this one's for you, Mr. Halberstam, wherever you are ...

1. The Barenaked Ladies, "Sound of Your Voice"
2. Jim Carroll, "Them"
3. Fang, "The Money Will Roll Right In"
4. Belle & Sebastian, "I Love My Car"
5. The Beatles, "Eleanor Rigby/Julia [Transition]"
6. Chuck Berry, "Thirty Days"
7. The Slackers, "Married Girl"
8. The Young Fresh Fellows, "Don't You Wonder How It Ends?"
9. Bobby Vinton, "Blue on Blue"
10. Jane's Addiction, "Ain't No Right"


At 1:48 PM, Anonymous turtle said...

"I remember you. You came in my mouth and it tasted like strawberries." - Jim Carroll

1. White Flight, "Obsidian"
2. Grant Lee Buffalo, "Jupiter and Teardrop"
3. Ace Frehly, "New York Groove"
4. Speed the Plow, "Coal and Courage"
5. The Dears, "Warm and Sunny Days"
6. R.E.M., "#9 Dream"
7. Of Montreal, "Cato as a Pun"
8. Bob Dylan, "Maybe Someday"
9. Bread, "Look What You've Done"
10. Ben Folds, "Jesusland"

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