Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Okie Bloggin', Take 3

What some of our favorite Okie blogs have been up to lately. I've gotta say that the scope of the blogosphere never ceases to amaze ...

Mike at Okiedoke examines the three chief types of mistakes.

The Left End of the Dial ponders the Ward Churchill brouhaha and what might really be behind the calls for his scalp. Agree or not, LEOTD (not a very user-friendly acronym, admittedly) is an interesting perspective and one worth reading.

The Daily Bitch fesses up that she doesn't need anyone chasing her with a junebug, thank you very much.

Oklarama, our fave booster of all things Sooner State-ish, points to the joys of an old fashioned Okie book binge.

At dustbury, Chaz muses on the curious gaps in Oklahoma City residential development.

Similarly, The Downtown Guy wonders whether, in the long term, the city really can rejuvenate its urban core while allowing further suburban sprawl. (which, incidentally, spurs this response back at dustbury.

Speaking of Oklahoma (for those of you not from these parts, it's the state in the middle of the country that looks like a pot and claims the Flaming Lips), Leila M. at Sister Scorpion offers a succinct ode to this (redder'n red) place.

LilRed of Lip Schtick fame musters up the courage to admit that, yes, she has a problem and its name is solitaire.

Another pitfall of the so-called Information Age is chronicled at BatesLine: Computer-generated hunchback.

Okie Funk wonders just what it is that red staters get get for all their GOP allegiance.

In Reflections in d minor, Lynn offers some poignant thoughts on the rare phenomenon of seeing something from a new and unhurried perspective.

The decidedly unsentimental Dr. Pants gets "all sappy and shit" for Mrs. Pants over at Dr. Pants Wholesale Pants Warehouse.

OK Partisan at Blue Dot Blog notes the curious targets of daytime TV advertisements. Have you been injured in an accident?

The baseball fan known as The Joker's Wife looks forward to seeing how a presumably steroids-free Barry Bonds will fare in the scrutiny of the upcoming season.

The Token Liberal says goodbye to Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

That beleaguered USAF wife of Great Googly Moogly has a hormone-bubbling message today: Don't mess with me.

Existential Ramble discusses the hypocrisy in the religious right and offers a possible antidote with the Unitarian Universalist Church.

This is Class Warfare's Bruce calls for the music industry to finally do the right thing for Fiona Apple fans and release her damn disc.

Can Internet dating lead to lasting and committed relationships? It's a question for A Fistful of Fortnights.

Napoleon Dynamite is die-no-mite, says our verdant pal at It's Not Easy Being Green.

Shutupdude might have bruised up the ol' arm, but thank the Lord, he saved the big-screen TV.

Can a Harrah's be in the cards for Oklahoma City? Luke's Oklahoman has heard the rumors.


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