Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Designer Vaginas

OK, so perhaps my first blog post in ages shouldn't be about something so, well, unimportant, but it's tough for me to come across a story about the so-called "last frontier" in cosmetic surgery and not make comment.

Yes, friends, it's vaginal rejuvenation.

The Washington Post reports that the starkly named Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Washington (gosh, ladies, how about leaving a little mystery?) is pushing the ... um .. envelope in the cutting-edge field of vaginal aesthetics (on second thought, maybe cutting-edge isn't the right description):

"Critics and supporters of vaginal cosmetic surgery say the mainstreaming of graphic images, including pornography, is fueling demand.

"[Obstetrician-gynecologist Christopher] Warner and [gynecologist David] Matlock say that patients frequently request 'a nice sleek look' similar to images seen in Playboy magazine and on some cable TV channels."

Now, I'm no expert on bioethics, but I have grave concerns about the slippery slope of vaginal rejuvenation.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Random 10

by Turtle

Sweet jumping Jeebus, I can't believe I got this going. And now that I'm too exhausted to post anything more original or meaningfull, how about an episode of my dearly missed iPod shuffle. C'mon, everybody!

1. Ulysses, "Television"
2. Mickey Hart, "The Main Ten (Playin' In the band)"
3. Super Fury Animals, "Run Christian Run"
4. Magazine, "About the Weather"
5. Mission of Burma, "Trem Two"
6. The Byrds, "5-D (Fifth Dimension)"
7. The Tyde, "Crystal Canyons"
8. The Poster Children, "Want It"
9. Paul Weller, "Bitterness Rising"
10. The Buzzcocks, "Everybody's Happy Nowadays"

happy Fryday everyone!