Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Harriet the Homophobe?

With all the hardcore conservatives assailing Dumbya for the Harriet Miers nomination for the Supreme Court, we figured she must not be too scary of a pick. Maybe not.

Direland zeroes in Miers' on-the-record support of the ill-fated Texas anti-sodomy statute, which the Supremes wisely struck down 6-3 in 2003. AP reports that in Miers' 1989 race for Dallas City Council, Miers indicated to a gay-rights organization that she opposed repeal of the anti-sodomy law.

From Direland:

"This revelation means that Miers was against the single most significant Supreme Court decision affecting gay people ever to come from the Court. And it also makes a vote for Miers' confirmation by any Democratic Senator utterly inexcusable."

We suspect Miers' view on gay rights won't be a factor in whether the Senate will confirm her. After all, discrimination against gays appears to be the last truly accepted form of out-and-out prejudice. Still, this nugget is worth consideration.


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