Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sex Tape Derby, Round 41

Today's Sex Tape Derby is dedicated to the letter "O" -- as in Olympics, or Olympics-face. Anyway, you know the shtick. Choose which of the following you would rather have to watch have sexual relations on videotape or DVD.

Post your selections in the comments section below.

In case you still can't grasp the premise here, read this.

"The Daily Show"'s Jon Stewart or ...

"Da Ali G Show"'s Sascha Baron Cohen?

Figure skater Sasha Cohen or ....

Ice dancer Tanith Belbin?


At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Curt Gowdy said...

Sasha Cohen is a 98 lb cupie doll. I want to watch her do anything. Well, anything but ice skate.
And in honor of today's them, you can bet your arse I want to show her my 'O' face.

No need to wish for a sex tape of the other chick. I'm pretty sure all ice dancers end up in the porn industry, anyway.

But hey - how can you have a figure skating STD and NOT include a chick named SLUTskaya?

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Dr. Pants said...

Is it considered a sex tape when I beat off watching Sasha Cohen in the Olympics? No? Well, fuck it, I'd still like to see her take a triple lutz.

And as much as I respect Stewart as a comedian, I must go with Ali G, if only because I saw the episode when Borat showed the joking picture of himself fucking his sister.

"Is funny because we are not married."

At 8:58 AM, Blogger LilRed said...

Jon Stewart is hot.

Normally I would have said Tanith. But last night on Jay Leno she looked a little like she could be kin to Julia Roberts. Since I think Julia Roberts is heinous, I'll take Sasha.

At 12:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Sasha Cohen on Sasha (Baron) Cohen action? Is that technically masturbation when you both share the same name? hmmmm...


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