Friday, February 24, 2006

Silly, Silly Governor

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich says he didn't realize Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" was a spoof on news programs when he sat down for an interview about contraception. AP reports on the gullible gov's experience in the interview:

"Interviewer Jason Jones pretended to stumble over Blagojevich's name before calling him 'Governor Smith.' He urged Blagojevich to explain the contraception issue by playing the role of 'a hot 17-year-old' and later asked if he was 'the gay governor.'

"At one point in the interview, a startled Blagojevich looked to someone off camera and said, 'Is he teasing me, or is that legit?'

"The segment, which aired two weeks ago, also featured Illinois Republican Rep. Ron Stephens, a pharmacist who opposes the governor's rule. Stephens has said he knew the show was a comedy.

"'I thought the governor was hip enough that he would have known that, too,' Stephens said."

No kidding. What a dolt.

First, did no one on Blagojevich's staff know who Jon Stewart is or what "The Daily Show" is all about? Had they stopped watching TV around the time Uncle Milty went off the air?

Second, if you were the governor of a state boasting one of the largest cities in the world, would you really admit you were so insulated from popular culture that you'd been snookered by a well-known TV show?

And third, if no one on the governor's staff knew about the program, why would he schedule a sit-down interview with the show? I guess it's a good thing al Qaeda doesn't have a cable news network.


At 9:07 AM, Anonymous turtleboi said...

Sometimes it comes as a shock that not everyone is as pathetically addicted to late-night cable tv as I am.

At 11:03 PM, Blogger Redstater said...

The Daily show is a comedy?
And I thought it was a spoof on comedies.


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