Thursday, April 28, 2005

Okie' Bloggin', Take 6

Just checking in with some of our favorite Okie-based blogs ...

Remember when word was that nerdy Paul kid from "The Wonder Years" was none other than Marilyn Manson? Well, A Fistful of Fortnights remembers it well.

Oklarama's OKPartisan touts two very different Oklahomans whose hearts remain in the Sooner State: the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne and the anti-Dixie Chicks' Toby Keith.

Ceres of The Joker's Wife has caught the blog bug. Bad.

Oh, and speaking of blogs, Sean Gleeson ponders blogs too big for their britches.

The voting continues at Okiedoke's Oklahoma's Sexiest Power Women election. There are plenty of worthy candidates on the ballot, from OU's own Sherri Coale to first lady Kim Henry to former KWTV anchor Jenifer Reynolds. Personally, we're trying to figure out how to do a write-in vote for Linda Soundtrack. Long live democracy!

The Blue Dot Blog has had it up to here with all the children feeding at the grocery store trough before their parents even make it to check out.

And on the subject of manners, LipSchtick's LilRed offers a lift on the intricacies of elevator etiquette.

This Is Class Warfare checks out the GOP's increased confidence that they can slam the middle-class with taxes while winning their hearts on social conservatism.

An excellent Oklahoma-based site I only recently discovered, Swinging Fists, examines the importance of the First Amendment by way of Floyd Abrams' recent appearance on -- you guessed it -- "The Daily Show"

Over at dustbury, Charles suspects the motives of Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum's recent meddling with the National Weather Service.

The Left End of the Dial's James renders a verdict in the Republicans' war on judges.

Okie Funk reads into the incredible shrinking world of newspaper circulation.

Our pal LiteraryTech at Existential Ramble is through holding his breath for Congress to determine who was responsible for the Abu Ghraib torture.

Tom Coburn Is a Big Fat Jerk examines the odyssey of onetime KKK leader Dennis Mahon, who recently traded in the white hood for a rent-a-cop badge.

Sooner Thought gets an eyeful of three boobs.

l'esprit d'escalier went in for acupuncture and ended up getting needled in all the wrong ways.

Classical music receives its just props from Lynn at Reflections in d minor.

Life and Deatherage gives Consumer Reports a piece of his mind.

Leila M. of Sister Scorpion needs to take care of some neighborhood issues.

Dr. Pants of Wholesale Pants Warehouse fame, meanwhile, is having some serious issues at work.

Token Liberal, an Okie in exile, is doing the Dew.

And wine, dinner and mystery -- it's all on tap at Oklahoma Wine News.


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