Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Crumbs and Stuff, Take 8

Some bits of interest and gibberish ...

Here's a site I stumbled across (thanks to Culture Drift) and really dig: The 1947 Project is a day-by-day blog that chronicles Los Angeles in the year 1947.


In keeping with the spirit of a Liger, Napoleon Dynamite's favorite animal (half tiger, half lion, for those who haven't seen the movie), here are two great tastes in one: Fat Albert and Napoleon Dynamite.


Here's an interesting test: How Republican are you?


The next time someone asks you to sign your John Hancock, you can now be ironic about it and provide your signature with an honest-to-God penis pen.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Amanda Garrett explains that the nifty writing tools (heh heh) are being dispensed via pharmaceutical representatives hawking Levitra.

"The pen looks innocuous at first: Short and purple with the name Levitra printed on the side.

"But when you push a button, it flips open and doubles in size, revealing a golden-tone writing shaft.


"Caution, however: In the unusual event that you should write with this pen for more than four hours, you may need to seek immediate medical attention."


For fans of The Godfather: Luca Brasi might sleep with the fishes, but now he can do so with the comfort of a fluffy horse head.


And finally ... what's better than cowbell? Why, more cowbell, of course. Duh.


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