Tuesday, May 24, 2005

David Brooks, Oracle

Boy, that too-smart-for-his-own-britches David Brooks is one prescient mofo:

From the May 22 New York Times, in which Brooks uses the seemingly imminent Senate showdown over the filibuster as an excuse to bash political moderates:

"As we descend down this path, the moderates are being serenaded for their valiant efforts to find a compromise. I'm all for valiant efforts, but why do the independent types always have to be so ineffectual? Why do they always have to play their accustomed role: well-intentioned roadkill?"

Today's Washington Post, describing the (admittedly shaky) agreement that those dreaded moderates crafted to avoid aforementioned showdown:

"The bipartisan negotiators, who signed a two-page 'memorandum of understanding,' have the votes both to prevent judicial filibusters without banning them and to defeat efforts to invoke the nuclear option, regardless of the views of their Democratic and GOP colleagues, the White House and outside groups on the left and right. The action represents an unusual attempt to wrest power from the leadership."


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