Saturday, May 28, 2005

Okie Bloggin', Take 8

What some of my favorite Oklahoma-based bloggers are up to these days ...

The Erudite Redneck explains his opposition to the death penalty in a compelling and heartfelt post.

OKPartisan of The Blue Dot Blog makes a strong case lamenting the changing tone of the United States and how it handles its most shameful episodes.

Okie Funk basks in the glory of wireless Oklahoma City and rues the growing monolith that is mainstream media.

Oklarama urges Philharmonic elitists to shut the hell up (OK, those are my words, not hers).

Charles of dustbury fame confronts an alarming clock situation.

Oklahoma City's 45th Division Infantry Museum gets a big thumbs up from The Happy Homemaker, and for good reason; for those who haven't visited, it's among the great, and unjustly little-knwon, museums in the Southwestern United States.

Dr. Pants of Wholesale Pants Warehouse breaks up with his favorite pair of pants. We just hope they can still remain friends.

Tropiary knows you can't judge books by their covers.

Okiedoke's Mike knows the children are the future. Oh, and we have a winner in the Oklahoma's Sexiest Power Woman contest (but I'm telling you, with all due respect to the victor, I'm calling voter fraud).

Posts from the Edge's Lady Godiva reminds us how friggin' screwy some women are when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Life and Deatherage points out that, lo and behold, there are serious and sometimes deadly consequences to demonizing gays and lesbians.

Existential Ramble looks at Sen. John McCain and a possible explanation for some of the Beltway polarization these days.

You gotta keep your eye on Lip Schtick. I turn around for an instant and she's yammering on about pantyhose and yeast infections. Yowzah.

Elephant Soap is excited about the latest breakthroughs involving stem cells (easy does it, Mr. Dobson).

The Downtown Guy is happy with what he sees these days in Bricktown.

Token Liberal sith it like it is (cue groans) regarding the new Star Wars installment.

Shutup Dude weighs in on the Britney-Kevin reality snooze.

A Fistful of Fortnights finds peace, love and understanding in a kinda obscure one-hit wonder from Deadeye Dick.

And that discerning shopper over at The Joker's Wife, Ceres, has had it up to here with CVS pharmacies.


At 5:23 PM, Blogger Okiedoke said...

You're right Chase, there was some voter fraud in the Oklahoma Sexiest Power Women polling. While IP addresses were tracked and limited to one vote per IP address, some folks would log on using different IP addresses and vote again. But the site also used cookies to track individual computers, and if a surge in voting appeared for any one candidate, I would investigate the source of votes to see whether there was one person repeatedly voting. There was a particular abusive person who did this for Nancy Coats and removed most of the excess votes under those circumstances.

The campaign for Ann Alspaugh was a concerted effort that proved her status as a power woman. Visitors to the site corresponding to her popular vote originated from finacial institutions from a round the country. I would guess just about every Bank of America branch in the country was listed in the referral log. Also, links from emails were prevelant in her case, along with surges in votes for Miles-LaGrange, Coats, Gurich and Aragon.

I am confident that Ann Alspaugh was indeed the legitmate choice in this case. Like you, I would never have dreamed her winning at the start. Yet, after reading about her philanthropy and personal involvement in the community, I can now understand her popular support.


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