Friday, June 17, 2005

The TV Movie Version -- Season Three

Conservative trash-media harlot Judith Regan has bought Jennifer Wilbanks. No, not just optioning her story for a ReganBooks release -- Wilbanks has consigned every possible cash-collecting strategy to Regan's indiscriminate eye: motion pictures, television, live stage, books, and commercial products. This means that ReganMedia brokered next week's NBC interview onslaught with Katie "I Brake For Botox" Couric.

You might have glazed over when you read one of those media possibilities: live stage. Everybody sing! "I can't believe I'm marrying this turkey/Perhaps I'll take a trip to Albuquerque!"

ReganMedia has irons in the fire at several media outlets, including HBO, A&E, NBC, WE, Discovery, AMC, FOX, VH1, Universal and 20th Century Fox, and so we can probably look forward to our favorite media abberration -- the TV Movie. So, here it is everybody -- let's cast actresses with the right look, or a certain craziness capacity!

Jennifer Wilbanks should be played by:

a) A.J. Langer of My So-Called Life and the recently canceled and appropriately titled ABC drama, Eyes.
b) Rachel Dratch of Saturday Night Live
c) Tara Reid
d) Cheri Oteri of SNL
e) Somebody else?


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