Sunday, September 25, 2005

Quote of the Day

"Sometimes, in my dark moments, I think he's 'The Manchurian Candidate' designed to discredit all the ideas I believe in."

-- David Brooks, discussing George W. Bush on "Meet the Press"


At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On Thursday, I attended a luncheon at the Cleveland City Club -- the oldest continuous free speech forum in the U.S. -- to discuss Gex X in the region. My company paid for two round tables and filled them with muckety mucks...and then myself and another guy, two token Gen Xers. I didn't want to go, primarily because I don't want to fit into anyone's stereotype. But as soon as this woman -- a GenX consultant from Wisconsin -- began to speak, I began to laugh, at myself mostly. She opened with a story about a banker who hired her after a Gen X exodus. He had no idea why. But a memo apparently preceded the departures, banning among other things, eating or sleeping at a desk and mountain dew. At the same time, it imposed immediate mandatory overtime. She was a polished speaker---and in the end I didn't learn much, other than I do fit the stereotype. But the one thing I did embrace was something I thought I was alone on, or at least in the slim minority. I've mentioned it here on this site before. I'm socially liberal (abortions, unfortunate, but OK; gay marriage/gay adoptions...think of the marvelous party favors...bring it on)but fiscally conservative (Stop the deficit madness. Between Iraq and hurricanes, we're stretched dangerously thin...). And to my surprise, she said most of GenX share same political views. So why aren't we addressed as a voting bloc, huh?

I say all of this blather leading to a simple comment: I love David Brooks. I read his column today running down the left-side of our opinion page...and equally enjoyed maureen dowd, her column running down the right side (strange juxtaposition, eh?). But I'm waiting for someone to pander directly to me, Generation X.


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