Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Harriet the Homophobe? Part 2: Another View

I love the blogosphere -- seriously love it, the variety of perspectives, the additional information, the chaotic scavenger hunt for truth.

AMERICAblog's John in DC provides an interesting take on Harriet Miers' responses to a 1989 questionnaire provided by a Texas gay-rights group. While Miers concedes she does not support repealing the anti-sodomy statute then on the law books there, she makes some other curious stands. Miers tells the organization she is a strong proponent of further AIDS funding and opposes job discrimination based on sexual orientation.

As John puts it:

"I'm not sure this questionnaire provides any definitive answers about Harriet Miers and gay rights -- many of her answers aren't great -- but it sure raises a number of questions. And I wouldn't want to be the Bush administration right about now, trying to answer why their wonder candidate was sucking up to gay groups as early as the 1980s (not that there's anything wrong with that :-)."


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