Friday, March 03, 2006

Friendless Rachel

Fametracker unveils its selection for the Most Undeservedly Famous Person of 2005. Drum roll, please, for ...

Jennifer Aniston.

As Fametracker notes:

"Aniston also had what was, by any measure, a terrible artistic year. Her thriller, Derailed, stank. Her comedy, Rumor Has It..., stank. There has never been an iota of proof that anyone in America wants to see her doing anything other than fluttering her hands anxiously while fretting over whether or not to kiss Ross Geller. know. With the boobs hanging out.

"We're not saying she's not talented. That would be Nicole Richie. We're saying that her talent has not yet been translated, either last year or in previous years, into anything that anyone wants to actually look at or experience."

Sure-fire career boost? Two words masquerading as one: softcore.


At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Dr. Pants said...

I think somebody is forgetting how great she was as the bitchy older sister of Ferris Bueller when they made the horrible decision to turn that movie into a TV show in 1990.

OK, I'm kidding. She sucked, and that show was a total rip-off of "Parker Lewis Can't Lose."


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