Friday, August 25, 2006

Pluto, We Hardly Knew Ye

If so science is so flippin' infallible, why is Pluto no longer a planet?

After more than 70 years of suffering faulty textbooks, the International Astronomical Union has officially kicked Pluto out of the big leagues. AP reports:

"Although astronomers applauded after the vote, Jocelyn Bell Burnell -- a specialist in neutron stars from Northern Ireland who oversaw the proceedings -- urged those who might be 'quite disappointed' to look on the bright side.

"'It could be argued that we are creating an umbrella called "planet" under which the dwarf planets exist,' she said, drawing laughter by waving a stuffed Pluto of Walt Disney fame beneath a real umbrella."

These are scientists. These are scientists trying to be funny.

Not pretty, is it?


At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Lucy Fuhr said...

Maybe if the Plan B pill had been available for our solar system, we never would have had to deal with stupid little Pluto.

At 9:08 AM, Blogger LiteraryTech said...

Maybe if we weren't scared to death of what pResident George W Bush was going to do next to fuck America in the Middle East, we would not be so interested in the status of a rock floating so far out you can't see it with a normal telescope.


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