Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pony Tail

A friend of mine has been obsessed for several weeks now with some disconcerting images she witnessed on a show on the WE Network, "The Secret Lives of Women." As I am not personally familiar with the show (having a penis, I don't really care about the inner thoughts of women), I only have the friend's play-by-play, but evidently the episode she saw dealt with fetishes. Specifically, it focused on the fetish of couples who like to play pony.

As I understand it, the kink goes like this: a person will dress up in leather pony garb (sometimes even including a horse's head) and trot around while the other half of the couple rides, or otherwise "cares for," the humanimal. According to the interviewees on the TV show, the horseplay can -- but doesn't always -- result in sex. In other words, sometimes you pony up and sometimes you don't.

All this begs a question. We won't ponder the sexual peccadilloes of people who dig such role-playing; we all know it takes diff'rent strokes to make up that magical and mysterious world of sex.

But riddle me this: Prior to the advent of the Internet, how did one pony enthusiast hook up with a like-minded partner? Surely, it can't come up that much in casual conversation.

"I'm really glad Jim and Sarah thought we should meet. I feel like I can really be myself around you."

"Yeah, I'm so glad you're also into roller-blading and Indian food."

"I know!"

"Hey, I'm just thinking out loud here but you ever thought about humping a pony?"


At 11:34 AM, Anonymous turtle said...

I think it's the internet that is responsible for people inventing new fetishes out of the blue. It comes from our newfound ability to instantly access all the old fetishes until we become bored or desensitized and need to find come up with something novel to spice things up. Wow, I sound like Pat Robertson.


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