Friday, April 08, 2005

Co(s)m(et)ic Surgery

The Wall Street Journal's Jeffrey Zaslow boasts an entertaining look at the battle for aging comic strips to remain relevant: Nancy watching "The O.C.," Blondie's daughter dressing like Britney Spears, Little Orphan Annie fighting North Korean terrorists, that sort of thing.

Zaslow writes:

"For cartoonists now at the helm of old comic strips -- many of whom are new, hired hands -- such contemporizing is more crucial than ever. Given changing tastes and declining space on newspaper comics pages, cartoonists are struggling to give characters 2005 sensibilities without offending nostalgic older fans. It's a tough task."

Which brings us to "B.C." Talk about needing to get modern. Christ, those fuckers are still living in the Stone Age.

And speaking of which, here's an amusing waste of time: SpongeBong Hemppants.


At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Bill Keane said...

Well, at least Family Circus is keeping up with the times. I was touched by the Sunday episode where Billy traced his steps from his bedroom to the corner crack whore.


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