Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Okie' Bloggin, Take 5

A perusal of some of our favorite Oklahoma-based blogs ...

Life and Deatherage explores the dwindling rights of minority views on Capitol Hill and beyond.

OKPartisan at Blue Dot Blog says she can finally make out the misogyny in the lyrics of gangsta rap now that the alt-rock Ben Folds is covering Dr. Dre

At Wholesale Pants Warehouse, the 'nad-shaving sociopath we know as Dr. Pants admits he is literally selling out to the man by shilling newspapers. Oh, the things you gotta do in the Naked City.

Have they no shame? Apple Jacks were awesome ...and now ...now, says Lip Shtick, it's all just so ...jacked.

This is why I like reading This Is Class Warfare. Bruce manages to cover the GOP's war on the judiciary, FOX News bias and the problem with Beck's new disc -- all in one fell swoop. Bravo!

Okiedoke tells us of the night the turkeys came home to roost -- or something like that. As Tony Montana would say, "Gobble gobble to my little friend."

Sister Scorpion's Leila M., committed bibliophile, gives the low-down on her books of choice.

Speaking of books, Okie Funk get another "atta boy!" for an excellent piece on the late, legendary (and too often overlooked) Oklahoma-born author Ralph Ellison, whose sole novel, Invisible Man, is one of the greatest works of 20th century American literature.

We suspected it all along: The Daily Bitch is into playing games.

Over at A Fistful of Fortnights, Sadie examines that whole "bullshit diversity" business about gender equality in the blogosphere (oh, how I love/hate using that word).

The good professor at The Left End of the Dial looks at the continued occupation in Iraq and wonders: Whose insurgency is it, anyway?

Reflections in d minor's Lynn S. welcomes springtime.

And speaking of threeway sex -- OK, so maybe we weren't speaking about it, not literally, anyway -- Shut Up and Blank ponders why Jane Fonda is blabbing these days about her swingin' days of yesteryear with Barbarella director Roger Vadim.

Oh, and It's Not Easy Being Green has a whole new name and look. Apparently, it might be easier as the Mysterious Red M.

And just for us Okies (and lovers of all things Okie):

On a less lofty front, Okiedoke's Mike is almost ready to commence voting (yea for democracy!) to determine the Sexiest Power Woman in Oklahoma. We're still holding out for Linda Soundtrack on a write-in ballot (man, is that dating myself or what?)

Oklahoma City natives, take note: The Downtown Guy fills us in on the (possible) survival of the Plaza Court building, a terrific old structure of near-downtown.

Oklarama wonders if, and when, city leaders will get around to landscaping the Oklahoma River (or the North Canadian, for all you purists out there). Oh, and she also engages in a bit of would-be flag waving.

And the granddaddy of Oklahoma bloggers, the esteemed Mr. Hill of Dustbury fame, goes motorin' for the Grand (Blvd.) Tour.


At 1:05 PM, Blogger Chase McInerney said...

Dear readers (as in mom):

It has been brought to my attention that my comnment on Ralph Ellison was only partially correct. "Invisible Man" was the only novel by Ellison that was published in his lifetime. Another work of his, "Juneteenth," has been published posthumously.

At 8:20 PM, Blogger AJ said...

And then there is me.....


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