Sunday, April 10, 2005

Memogate Shredded: Not Knowing When to Say When

Even after the staffer of a Republican U.S. senator fessed up to the crass Schiavo talking points memo, some leading conservative voices still refuse to just say "uncle" and move on. Instead, some continue to carp that Washington Post reporter Mike Allen somehow did something wrong. The stubbornness and, well, just poor sportsmanship of it all strikes us as more than a tad pathetic -- like a toddler throwing a tantrum in public, say, or Sean Penn's sense of humor -- but increasingly it appears the Far Right is intent on cornering the market on conspiracy mongering.

Balloon Juice, one of our favorite conservative bloggers, sees something more sinister at play:

"What I see going on around me is that my party is in power. We control the Presidency. We control the House and the Senate. Republican appointees outnumber Democratic ones on the Supreme Court, and we are poised to add more. We own talk radio. Cable news tends to be neutral to conservative ...

"And it still isn't enough. Everything is under attack if it does not toe the same hard-right line. The university, the institution of marriage, journalism as an enterprise, the medical community, the legal community, every foreign institution, the United Nations- anything, that doesn't cater to the conservative need for instant gratification in the form of message adherence and submission to the new doctronaire [sic] must be destroyed. Look at the recent behavior of Republicans in Congress towards REPUBLICAN APPOINTED CONSERVATIVE JUDGES. Forget 'screw me once, shame on you.' This new breed of fanatacism [sic] is 'Slight me in any discernable [sic] way, even a mild disagreement, and I will publicly destroy you.' "

Read the entire post. It's excellent.


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