Monday, May 16, 2005

Okie Bloggin', Take 7

What some of our favorite Oklahoma-based blogs are up to ...

That lovable beacon of decorum, Dr. Pants of Wholesale Pants Warehouse, tells us everything you'd ever want to know about his stinky feet.

One of my favorite Okie bloggers, the esteemed Doc Hoc of Okie Funk, is plugging the wireless Internet movement in Oklahoma. We can't help but notice the good perfissir has been downing an awful lot of java at these various coffeehouse locales.

Okiedoke keeps up with Duke Energy and Oklahoma's environmental caretaker extraordinaire, Jim Inhofe.

The faithful leftist of The Left End of the Dial zeroes in on loudmouth lunatic John Bolton.

You can color the esteemed LiteraryTech over at Existential Ramble as unimpressed with the National Day of Prayer earlier this month.

Sister Scorpion ponders the discrepancy in how men and women seeking divorce are treated in the Muslim world.

The Blue Dot Blog is hopping mad over that North Carolina rube who found a severed finger in his frozen custard and then had the gumption not to return it to its lawful owner.

A Fistful of Fortnights doesn't get the appeal of strip clubs.

The Token Liberal, who refuses to acknowledge he really is from Oklahoma, gives us a little o' this 'n' that.

Ceres of The Joker's Wife confesses that she is also the re-gifter's wife.

Another Oklahoma blogger I've only recently stumbled upon, Erudite Redneck (ain't they all?), ponders all the dead bodies he has known before. Not a particularly cheerful post, but an interesting one.

The Downtown Guy has a meltdown.

Oklarama's OKPartisan is looking for the lowdown on Oklahoma City amusement park Frontier City. Other than it being the place where washed-up bands go to humiliate themselves, I'm at a loss.

Cats and how to stop them are on the menu at Tom Coburn Is a Big Fat Jerk.

I Only Speak the Truth is on the warpath over poor spelling.

Posts from the Edge's Lady Godiva looks at the yin and yang of romance.

The Great Googly Moogly dutifully reports from a trip to the Lone Star State.

And since The Daily Bitch no longer has permalinks, at least none that I can actually find, I'll just link to her whole damn blog. It's worth the read. But we're telling yah, aka_monty, be wary of this new dude and his Jedi mind tricks.


At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Token Liberal said...

I appreciate being associated with the fine list of Okie Bloggers -- but it's inaccurate to say I am from Oklahoma. Oklahoma was merely a stop in the long, winding and weird road that has been my life.

I was born in Indiana -- in a small town that was once home to both the fattest man in the world AND the fattest woman.

My hometown was also the home of "Thumbless" Bill McClain of the early 1940's high school team. Bill lost his thumb in a tractor accident when he was ten, but he loved basketball so much, he refused to quit playing, even though the loss of a thumb was a considerable handicap to holding and throwing the ball.

At 5:02 PM, Blogger S.Holster said...

know of any other blogs formatted like this one? Marked this page as form of thoughtfull entertainment....

At 5:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you link me?
Thank you in advance.

At 11:22 PM, Blogger Chase McInerney said...

whoops... I forgot Dustbury, by the way. Sorry, Mr. Hill, I honestly had a momentary lapse ...

At 3:13 AM, Blogger Agent Bedhead said...

Heh. I still don't get it. I suppose that shouldn't be too crushing, no?

At 3:14 AM, Blogger Agent Bedhead said...

that was supposed to be "I still don't get it." Darn HTML


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