Friday, June 24, 2005

Okie Bloggin', Take 9

Checking in with some of our favorite Oklahoma-based blogs ...

Mike over at Okiedoke ponders the future of China and brushes up on his Chinese. Just in case.

A Fistful of Fortnights' Sadie muses on lies, men and women, online dating and scads of other weighty stuff.

Lip Schtick's LilRed is getting nauseated from summer feet.

Life and Deatherage is getting nauseated from Jeb Bush shenanigans.

Okie Funk provides a deserved tip of the hat to the moral code espoused by Oklahoma-born poet and author N. Scott Momaday.

The Blue Dot Blog finds that the United States and The Matrix have something in common, and it ain't Keanu Reaves in a trenchcoat.

Over at Left End of the Dial, James suggests that the racist wounds of the past won't heal as long as folks like Trent Lott and George Allen keep scratching at them.

Existential Ramble says it's time to bury the myth of Gaydar. Which is a shame, really, since he was my favorite "M*A*S*H" character.

Sister Scorpion explains why she's a feminist revisionist, and what the heck it is in the first place.

The Erudite Redneck hopes the Southern Baptist Convention puts the brakes on an anti-public education resolution.

Dustbury's Charles lets it all hang out on his blog.

Jill Vatican of That's Gonna Leave a Mark fame stews over salary inequities. You go, girl.

I'm not one to typically dig poignant odes to cats, but I would direct you to a rather touching post to Charlie the Psycho Kitty, courtesy Lady Godiva at Posts from the Edge.

l'esprit d'escalier has had it up to here with stalled lines at convenience stores.

Oklarama's OKPartisan is pregnant and she's had it up to here with crappy commercials.

Our pal known as the Token Liberal is roughing it in London. That bastard.

Dr. Pants' Wholesale Pants Warehouse finally gets the threeway of his dreams -- well, sort of.

The Mainstream Baptist gives a big thumbs-up to comments by former Sen. John Danforth and his concerns about how right wing Christians have hijacked the Republican Party. I still find it amazing that we're at the point that an arch conservative like Danforth is now deemed a moderate.

This Is Class Warfare offers a how-to course in blogging.

The Downtown Guy looks at the impact Toby Keith's new joint is likely to have on downtown Oklahoma City. Freedom fries are just another snack food for nothing left to lose ...

Lynn S. of Reflections in d minor is having good clean fun with art.

The sisters of Among the Dahlias continue to work out some, er, "issues" online.

And The Daily Bitch is still sans permalinks. So read her whole damn blog. Go ahead. See if I care.


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Chase, Chase, know the whole damn blog is the best part! ;)


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