Monday, July 11, 2005

ZooCreation: Enough, Already

We missed this Sunday New York Times editorial regarding the Tulsa zoo and its (thankful) scrapping of a proposed exhibit on creationism. As the Times duly noted, the cast of Bible thumpers let their proverbial slip show with their contention that they wanted to present a number of creation myths:

"You want creationism? How about the Cherokee buzzard that gouged the valleys and mountains? And why should Chinese-Americans tolerate neglect of P'an Ku and the cosmic egg at the zoo, or Norse descendants not speak up for Audhumla, the giant cow?

"The futility of this exercise was emphatically made clear last week when a crowd of critics demanded reconsideration. With the speed of the Mayan jaguar sun god, zoo directors reversed themselves, realizing they had opened a Pandora's box (which see). In stumbling upon so many worthy cosmogonies, Tulsa did us all a favor by underlining how truly singular the evolution explanation is, rooted firmly in scientific demonstration."



At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Currently Proud Oklahoman said...

For once we don't look as stupid as Kansas.


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