Monday, September 26, 2005

Hi. I'm Kinda New

by Jill Vatican

Hey there, Chase fans! Let me just take a mo’ to thank all the fellas here at CTTC for allowing me to post here now and again. I’ll do my part to inject some random thoughts and ideas that have nothing to do with …well …anything, really.

Life in and around the Vatican house is very chaotic (but not in a Britney Spears kind of way) these days so it leaves little room for posting. Most often I find myself reading blogs rather than writing. In fact, I find I have to steal little patches of time to do all manners of things.

For instance, this afternoon I took my two boys to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (okay, I said we’ve been busy.) Some time after Charlie and the gang entered the TV Room I dozed off. What can I say? It was dark and cool in there and I was being very still. Anyway, I was awakened when my younger son (whom I’m pretty sure was yelling at the top of his lungs) said, “HEY MOM! ARE YOU ASLEEP?!

That was a tiny bit embarrassing. So, if you were one of the other eight people in the theater this afternoon who had to hear that, my apologies. I left the cell phones in the car, but unfortunately had to bring the loud child in with me.

That being said, I’m looking forward to finding time to post now and again. Even if it has to be after midnight when all is quiet at the Vat house.


At 8:06 AM, Blogger Larry Mondello said...

Hey Vat,

No worries. Sunday afternoon in a movie theatre is great for naps! I caught a few during The Brothers Grimm a couple of weeks ago. Seven dollar naps are the best.


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