Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"Let My Jello Go!"

Mrs. Chase and I have a good friend who deserves special props for an ongoing tradition that she and a group of her pals began a number of years ago.

OK, quick word association survey: What food immediately comes to mind when you think of Cecil B. DeMille's Biblical epic, The Ten Commandments? If you said Jello (and, really, how could you not have?), then feast your eyes on the mighty hand of ... Jellovah!

A burning bush that Bill Cosby would find delicious. Surrounding the bush are marshmellow Peeps bearing the image of all the major characters from the movie. The artist tells us that, as the Peeps have hardened over the years, the illustrations have retained their vibrancy.

During the annual televised broadcast of The Ten Commandments, Julianna and company have commemorated the blessed event with Jello sculptures depicting specific scenes or concepts from the movie. Thankfully, Jello does not constitute false idols. Below, for instance, we have a pretty eerie representation of what Yul Brynner would look like if he happened to be a delicious dessert.

Personally, we are a bit disappointed that neither Julianna nor her chums have yet attempted (as far as we know) a lime-flavored golden calf, but there is still time. We suspect the Ten Commandments will be shown many, many more times on TV -- at least until people start taking those commandments to heart and we put God back in the classroom and the world becomes a better place.

Above is the Obelisk of Sethi's Jubilee. Umm... of course, it is.


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Where's Elijello?

At 9:02 AM, Anonymous turtleboi said...

"It's easy to see without lookin' too far that not much is really sacred."


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